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The Alyattes project is a unified project consisting of 6 different major platforms.

Therefore, it would not be logical to evaluate ALYATTES as a single project. All of these major platforms constitute the Alyattes project in a structural manner that supports one another.

In general terms, these platforms are aiming to spread to the average user group where everyone can easily perform transactions, evaluate investment opportunities in crypto market and connect blockchain technologies, games, social media, entertainment applications in our daily life. ALYATTES project is built on its sub-platforms. The most important sub-platform is the social responsibility project which is automatically going to be financed with the transfer fees that will be deducted from the users.

Power of Mining

Individual Mining

ALYA Mining is basically created by combining two systems (Proof of Stake & Proof of Active) and anyone in the world can start ALYA Mining with an average PC.

Since ALYA Mining program is based on Proof of Stake and Proof of Active, it does not need any extra power usage, energy expenditure or hardware power. Only the energy consumption of your computer is sufficient for mining. ALYA Mining is also possible on Virtual Computers, although it is not recommended by us for security reasons.

500 ALYA is the minimum Stake Amount for Individual Mining.

Easiest World

Pool Mining

Thanks to the Pool Mining opportunity will also be given to small investors so that they benefit from the pool facilities.

Pool Companies will cover the possible fees such as Transfer Fee, Rewards Fee, Server Service Fee, and Security Fee’s.

Pool Mining Conditions will be determined by the company that is providing the service. The bonuses or referral earnings to be given is also at the discretion of this company.

The first platform where pool mining can be performed is ALYA FINANCE Platform. ALYA Finance will be a completely user-oriented Platform.

Secured by Verified Contract

Adaptive Smart Contracts

ALYA Mining is connected to an algorithm that is completely decentralized and not under anyone’s control. This algorithm is also integrated into the system in the form of a Smart Contract.

Generally speaking, a Block is generated every 5-7 seconds on the Binance Smart Chain network, and each block has its own Hash Code. No one knows what will happen and what value these codes will take before they are generated. This code is automatically identified by the Binance Chain network.

ALYA’s Smart Contract constantly monitors the blocks in the Binance Chain network and converts the Hash Code of each block found from HEX to DEX value. If the remainder is 1 when the resulting 18-character number is divided by the specified mode (29743), it means the lucky block is found and a signal is sent to the miners to prove their activity. It automatically allocates the amount of ALYA specified in the Contract Reward Plan to the miners who prove their activity with respect to total staking amount until 100 more Blocks are found. All these processes take an average of 8-15 minutes.

Auto Eco System

User Friendly Taxation

The ALYA Smart Contract deducts 5% of ALYA from each transfer. (TAX Fee). The distribution scheme of this 5% taxation is also foreseen and planned as follows.


2 % Holders BonusIn Every Transaction

The 2% ALYA amount deducted from each transfer made through the ALYA Contract is automatically distributed to those who hold ALYA in their wallet. Hence, the investors make money not only from the price change, but also from the transfers.


2 % Automatic BurnIn Every Transaction

The 2% ALYA deducted from each transfer is sent to the 0x000dead wallet, reducing the amount of ALYA in circulation. As it is known, an asset with a low supply will have more value.


1 % ALYA Care FundIn Every Transaction

The 1% Coin Amount that has been automatically deducted from the transfers will be sent to the wallet named as ALYA Care to create the sustainable finance source of the project.

Around ALYA Token

Excellent ALYA Platforms


It is a platform that is integrated into the natural structure of Alya and aims to provide aid for children all over of the world and touch their lives. The funding for this project is compensated by the ecosystem tokens and its growing continuously.


It is the name of the general project consisting of several platforms where all financial-based operations of the ALYATTES project will be carried out and managed.


It is a SWAP Platform, which includes an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that allows users instant token exchange over their decentralised Wallets.


ALYA Fun is the entertainment platform for Alyattes which starts with little fun games for now. The list of games will be extended further with Scratch card, weekly Lotto and Online Casino after concluding the legal processes and obtaining the necessary permissions.


It is a platform supported by a special team within the ALYA Project to provide Trading Signals to all ALYA users. Upon a successful launching, a stronger structure will be created by supporting ALYA-AI mobile version and ALYA-AI Bot (Algorithym Trade) Services.


Although it is built on the main working principals of the known centralised crypto exchanges, it is an Exchange platform that will include its own services and will be available to all ALYA users.

Problem & Solution

What is ALYA aiming to solve?


PROBLEM: The main problem that has been realised by the ALYA Team in cryptomarket was Token Inflation and hardness of keeping Supply & Demand Balance.

SOLUTION: Due to 2% Burning Taxation on each Transfer, Supply of ALYA is going to be decreased constantly to keep Balance on Supply & Demand.

SOLUTION: Additional to price, Alya Holders holding Amounts in their wallets increase automatically due to 2% Holders Bonus Taxation on each Transfer (Buy or SELL) which happens instant, completely decentralised and fully automated.

SOLUTION: We establish a Foundation called ALYA Care and provide sustainable long term financial support with 1% Taxation on each ALYA Transfer. ALYA Care will do his part for this kind of World Children. We know, todays children are tomorrows leaders.

SOLUTION: ALYA mixed two known concensus first time in crypto market together : Proof of Stake & Proof of Active and with this unique mining concensus, we are proudly able to provide everyone on the world easiest GREEN crypto mining oppurtunity.

SOLUTION: Due to ALYA’s unique unlimited alphanumerical memo transfers, in such cases, companies needs only 1 wallet (Main Wallet) and are able to check who is depositing into this wallet automatically via BSCScan. Much more Usecases for ALYA Memo Feature like a Social Media Messaging via Blockchain (can not be censored) is possible.

How to Buy?

Step by Step PCS Guide

Step By Step Explanation : How to Buy/Sell ALYA?

  • Connect your Trust Wallet or Metamask etc.
  • Submit desired buy Amount in BNB
  • Set Slippage Rate to 5% at least for successfull Transaction
  • Approve your BNB & ALYA to Pancakeswap
  • Confirm Transaction
  • All Done

ALYA Technical Details

ALYATTES (ALYA) Token Technical Details.

Token Contract 0x49a9F9A2271d8c5dA44C57e7102ACA79C222F4A9
Token Mainnet Binance Smart Chain
Decimal 9
Max Total Supply 205.000.000
Locked for Mining 133.800.000
Memo Option unlimited alphanumerical Memo
Mining PoA & PoS
Mining Duration 1500 Block
Smart Contract decentralised
Buy & Sell Fee's 5% Taxation
Audit Teport YES - Verified by CERTIK

Token Economy

for detailed Vesting Plan, please check the related Document on our Github

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Important Docs about ALYA.

Privacy Policy
Terms of Sale

Road Map

Approxiametly Roadmap of ALYA Team!

2021 Q1
  • Project Planning Phase
  • Creating ALYA Team
2021 Q2
  • Technical Investigation
  • Programming ALYA Codes
  • various Controls and Tests (Testnet)
2021 Q3
  • Webdesing and Technical Infrastructure
  • Deploying ALYA Codes
2021 Q4
  • Auditing ALYA Codes
  • PreSale Structure
  • PreSale (FairSale via
2022 Q1
  • Pancake Listing
  • Mining Start
  • ALYA CARE Structural Setup
2022 Q2
  • Planning - FARM Options
  • Listing on Centralized Exchanges
  • Organisation of ALYA CARE
  • Planning - ALYA Wallet Options
2022 Q3
  • Operational Start of ALYA Care
  • Development and First Test - ALYA FARM
  • Development and First Test - ALYA Wallet
  • Structuring of ALYA Swap
2022 Q4
  • Planning - ALYA FUN
  • Farming Start @ ALYA Finance
  • Providing BETA v.1. ALYA Wallet
  • International Offices for ALYA Care
2023 Q1
  • Roadmap is going to be updated continously.

Executive team

ALYA Management Team - Our professional Management Team - more people is behind entire ALYA Project and working for you.


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